Meet a Speaker Nelly Sattari

Not long now until DDD Sydney 2018 and in the lead up we wanted to make sure you get to know our speakers. Today we wanted to introduce you to Nelly Sattari, who’s part of the first Junior Dev track we’ve run at DDD Sydney.

DDD: What excites you most about being a speaker at DDD Sydney?

Nelly: “DDD Sydney is one of the most unique conferences in Australia”.

Why is DDD unique? It is the only not for profit conference community who attracts speakers and only charges for attendance to cover costs. This is a place where you can build your network and make friends who have common interests.

In DDD you will find heaps of people who are passionate to learn, and see how many people have enrolled to attend DDD on a weekend, right? It means a lot to me that I meet people in the conference who are keen to learn.

It’s the same for the presenters who love to share their knowledge and experience with people who are interested in what they have to say.

And there it is! Two passionate groups coming together in one community.

Plus, I love the variety of topics, especially this year because DDD has introduced a Junior dev stream. This stream has topics are down to earth and pragmatic and not so high brow that it leaves these juniors wondering what just happened.

These are the reasons I love to speak at DDD, to be part of it and share my knowledge with my community.

DDD: How did you get into speaking?

Nelly: I have always believed the best way to achieve is through small steps. I love sharing my knowledge no matter what topic and I started speaking in small meetups and user groups on the topics I felt comfortable with.

Then, just recently, I decided to move to a bigger conference, like DDD Sydney. I submitted my talk not expecting to hear back, and the rest is history. So here I am excited to meet you all.

DDD: What should people expect in your talk?

Nelly: “Fancy becoming frontend developer? Get to know the tools and concepts”

I am going to talk about what is going on behind the scene of UI frameworks and libraries in terms of the tools and concepts used for building, compiling, running, testing and shipping the application into production.

I will exclude talking about UI frameworks and their differences. However, sometimes I will point out the connection of each tool to the frameworks.

I will cover popular concepts like CSS pre-processors, Ecmascript and Transpilers, Javascript modules and module bundlers, general purpose TaskRunners, local servers, etc.

At the end, I am going to show you a demo which applies the tools I speak about including Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Npm, …

DDD: Anything else you want to say to people thinking of coming to DDD Sydney?

Nelly: No matter which company we are working for, we are still part of a big Australian IT community. So come along to the conferences and meetups, get to know people and build your network, make new friends and be inspired by people who are motivated enough to attend the conference. I am pretty sure there will be amazing take aways for you as there will be for me.

DDD: What talks, other than your own, are you looking forward to seeing?

Nelly: Wow, there are a lot of cool topics lined up in the same stream so I’m struggling to work out which one to attend. Some topics that interest me are:

And surely the Keynote from Damian Brady

Catch Nelly’s talk, Fancy becoming a front-end developer? Get to know the tools and concepts first!, at DDD Sydney 2018.