DDD By Night May 2019 - Recap

Last week we held our first DDD By Night event, continuing on the trend of first from last years DDD Sydney (first Junior Dev track, first Data & Design track, first time selling out) and it was a hugh success, if I do say so myself! 😉

We started the night with a bit of networking and, of course, food!

We decided to not go down the traditional pizza route and instead get something a little different from Cuon, a mix of different Vietnamese food. We were pretty chuffed with the food and canvasing the room it seemed like everyone enjoyed it and appreciated the change from the usual meetup-style food.

We got underway with the big announcement, DDD Sydney 2019 will be on the 21st September at our usual home, UTS!

Charlie got us underway with a dive into wearables and conductive textiles, which was a crazy amount to get through in 15 minutes!

Georgie then gave us a bunch of tips and tricks on how to improve the accessibility of our web applications, something that everyone should be thinking about.

Sam gave us the most, err, insightful talk of the night, talking about her idea for a poo tracking application! 🤣

Jordan and Matt showed off a tool they built to help simplify their DevOps process by standardising the environments they work with.

And finishing with Suds talking about Pain Driven Development and what we can learn through painful (coding) experiences.

Thanks again to all our amazing speakers and to the Microsoft Reactor for hosting us on the night. We had stickers for everyone!

And a bonus, Sam live streamed the night on her Twitch channel (go, subscribe!) if you want to see what you missed out on!

Watch DDD Night Sydney from BugHunterSam on www.twitch.tv

See you next time!