2018 Agenda

After a couple of weeks of intense voting we’re excited that the agenda for DDD Sydney 2018 is finally live!

This year DDD Sydney received a staggering 128 sessions from 73 speakers. To put that in perspective, we only had 61 sessions submitted to the 2017 event, that’s a two fold increase on last year, and we only had space for 1 additional track, our Junior Dev track.

It’s always hard as an organiser to send the emails when sessions don’t make it, and this year many great sessions by many great speakers didn’t make the cut 😦.

Because of this we made the tough decision as an organising team to not run a locknote session, instead running an extra session per track, having 6 slots per track and a total of 27 sessions (we have some 20 minute sessions in the Junior Dev track, that’s why the numbers aren’t round 😛)!

With the agenda now published we’re running the early bird tickets until midday today, so you can grab yourself a ticket and get the discount, or wait until after midday and pay full price, up to you. At any rate, grab a ticket, tell your friends, colleagues, random strangers on the bus* and we’ll see you at DDD Sydney 2018!.

* DDD Sydney does not condone harassing strangers on public transport, do that at your own peril 😀.